Student Services

Holcombe has a well-deserved reputation for the high levels of pastoral care we provide for our pupils.

Our Student Services Department look after the pastoral needs of our pupils from Year 7 through to Year 13 and provide a point of contact and support for pupils and their families throughout their time with us.

The Team – who we are and what we do

Our Student Services Department is led by our Student Services Manager, Miss Gould and is located in H20.

As part of the School’s commitment to excellence, we have a team of dedicated non-teaching staff whose primary concern is the wellbeing of all students at Holcombe.

Student Services ManagerMiss Sue Gould
Attendance OfficerMiss Dawn Sutton
Pastoral Support AssistantMrs Julie Fox
Pastoral Support AssistantMrs Nicola Hayes
Pastoral Support AssistantMrs Kerry Boxall


A member of the team is available between 8am and 4pm to parents and students who need help or advice and can be contacted by calling the school office or by emailing


Pastoral Care at Holcombe

At Holcombe, we regard high levels of self-discipline as a corner stone of a successful education and a foundation for life. As a result, behaviour in lessons and around school is excellent with teachers and pupils having a very good working relationship.

Undisciplined behaviour is rare but when it occurs, we deal with it fairly but firmly. We work with parents to restore relationships and to help pupils recognise the impact that their poor behaviour has on themselves and on other people.

Good behaviour, good attendance and punctuality are rewarded in a wide variety of ways, through ‘Tag Days’, certificates, visits and trips as well as commendation letters and ‘Donut Days’.

Incidents of bullying are rare because of the caring nature of the school, when they do occur, we adopt a zero-tolerance approach and will if necessary, apply the full range of sanctions laid out in our behaviour policy.

Students are encouraged to report incidents, concerns and worries using the ‘Report It’ link on the school website.  This is monitored by a dedicated member of the team and reports are sent to the relevant member of staff to address.

Pupils will usually remain in the same form group, with the same form tutor throughout Key Stages 3 and 4 and this allows good working relationships to be established between pupil and teacher and parent and teacher.

There is a peer mentoring system where older pupils are available to provide a sympathetic ear for younger pupils. The peer mentors are trained in child protection as are all members of teaching and support staff.



Regular attendance to school is a legal requirement for all children of compulsory school age. It is a proven fact that students whose attendance is below 96% do not achieve their full potential. The TSA-Trust and Local Authority target is 96%. The TSATrust expectation is that every student should strive for 100% attendance. Parents and Carers – please report your child’s absence by calling 03333 602130 and selecting option 1 by 9:00am on each day of illness.

Absences of three or more days must be covered by medical evidence. Any absence during the week before, and the week after any school holidays, must also be covered by medical evidence regardless of the amount of days. Medical evidence can be in the form of an appointment card, medicine label or prescription. Time off school for reasons other than illness must be applied for in writing and in good time before the date requested. Non-essential medical appointments, where possible, must be made after school hours or during school holidays. Leave of absence in term time (includes holidays) will not be authorised, in accordance with the TSA-Trust and government guidelines.

Any application for leave must be for exceptional circumstances and the Principal must be satisfied that the circumstances warrant the granting of leave. Parents can be fined for taking their child on leave during term time without consent from the school. The Trust will make contact with you should your child’s attendance drop below 96%. Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success, both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child achieve the best grades possible, develop life habits and avoid dangerous behaviour.

For further information about attendance at Holcombe, please see here.


Along with ensuring your child attends school regularly it is also parents’ legal responsibility to ensure students arrive on time.

The Academy day begins at 8:40am. Students should arrive by 8:35am.

Students arriving after 8:40am will be coded as late and will be required to attend a 30 minute detention after school on the same day.

Students who arrive after 9:00am must report to Reception to sign in.

We understand that sometimes students have a good reason for being late. Where this is the case, please provide a written note in your child’s Planner, giving full details. Over-sleeping, uniform not being ready or being unable to find homework are not acceptable reasons for being late.

For students who are persistently late to school, a Punctuality Panel meeting will be arranged and parents/carers will be asked to attend with their child.

Holcombe Grammar School, along with the Thinking Schools Academy Trust is committed in ensuring that every student fulfills their full potential with the support of parents/carers.

Keeping Children Safe Online – Information for Parents

Here at Holcombe we strive tirelessly to educate about internet safety and would appreciate your support with highlighting the importance of your son or daughter keeping themselves safe.

Here are a few resources to help children keep safe online:

Childnet International is a non-profit organisation working in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.’

Know IT All for Parents: E-Safety

‘Know IT All for Parents is a unique interactive e-safety guide for parents and carers produced by Childnet International. It’s designed to really help you as a parent or carer keep up to date with how children are using the internet, and support them in using these new exciting services safely and responsibly.’

For further information regarding Online Safety, please see here. 

Sharing of Nudes & Semi-Nudes

With the rise of the selfie has come a growing concern about young people taking and sharing revealing photographs or videos – you have probably seen this referred to in the media as ‘sexting’.  This is risky behaviour for anyone, but especially for young people.

Young Carers

We at Holcombe work alongside the Young Carers Organisation to support pupils who have caring responsibilities at home. The group meet once a month during lunch.

You can find more information about our Young Carers here.

Useful Resources

The staff at Holcombe are committed to providing a high level of pastoral care to all students but we will signpost you to an outside agency if they will best help with their needs.

For useful resources to support students who may be be finding things difficult during this difficult time, please see Youth Covid Flyer and Flyer Medway.

For more useful information about mental health support during Covid-19, please see here.

For our policies, including our Anti-Bullying and Behaviour policies, please see here: Policies 

For a page of further resources, please see here.