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Welcome to Holcombe Grammar School

Message from our Principal 

At Holcombe Grammar School our aim is that students develop into successful, well rounded, confident young people who are equipped with the academic and life skills necessary to thrive in the modern world.

Mr Lee Preston | Principal 

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Students at Holcombe Grammar School are given the academic and intellectual tools to help them structure their thinking and learning effectively. Explore our website to find more about our school. 

Learning With Us 

Aspire & Achieve:
Students are taught to be confident and ambitious with their aspirations and pushed to work hard in order to achieve their goals. 
High Expectations of Standards: 
At Holcombe Grammar School we expect all our staff and students to strive to be their very best selves.  
Cognitive Education:
As a proud member of the Thinking Schools Academy trust we utilise a thinking toolkit to instill positive learning habits within our students. 

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