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The Shaw Award

What is the Shaw Award? 

The Shaw Award was founded at Holcombe Grammar School in 2022. Based on an award previously ran at the school in the 1960s/70s in honour of a former student, the Shaw Award is presented to an outstanding student every year. 


Where did the name come from? 

In 1960s, Nevil Shaw was a student at the school, Chatham Grammar School for Boys at the time. Nevil was a hard working and dedicated student who successfully earned a spot at Swansea University. Sadly, Nevil tragically passed away at the young age of 19, never able to take up his position at the university. 

The school dedicated an achievements award in his name to honour his legacy. The Nevil Shaw award ran for many year but was lost over time and school leadership changes. 

In March 2021, Nevil's brother Ted reached out to us at Holcombe to enquire about the award. Keen to ensure his brother is never forgotten, Ted worked with the school to create a new prize and re-introduce the award to Holcombe. The award would be presented at the end of each academic year to the student who displays commitment to their studies and embodies the school's core principles. 

Sadly, Ted Shaw passed away in late 2021. He generously donated a sum of money to the school to cover the prizes and support the running of the award for the next 20 years. 

In light of this, Holcombe Grammar School is pleased to present The Shaw Award, which honours both Nevil and Ted.


Winners of the Shaw Award

2022 - Nathan Croft

Nathan (Year 13) received the first Shaw Award from the school on Friday 9th September. Nathan is a fine student who embodies the values of kindness and generosity, and determination in his academic pursuits.


"I was delighted to explain the history to this award in our Year 13 assembly and then to present the inaugural award in the names of two remarkable brothers," says principal Lee Preston. "Congratulations to Nathan for this achievement.  We're excited to offer this prize to a new student in the summer of 2023."

2023 - Cameron Abbott

Cameron (Year 12)  was presented with Shaw Award from school's Headteacher, on Friday 22nd September.

Mr Preston commented on the achievement, saying "Cameron is an amazing young man, so kind and highly regarded. Cameron encountered some heartbreaking news at home last year, and had to cope with that whilst still sitting his GCSEs. He is everything we talk about here – kind, respectful and hard working – and it was my pleasure to present him with this today. He was so overcome with happiness that I even got a hug from him when presenting it!"