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Young Professionals x City Century Legal Work Experience

November 2, 2023 11:35am

Young Professionals x City Century Legal Work Experience was offered to our year 12 and year 13 Law cohort. We had 13 students from Holcombe Grammar School attend. This was a calling all aspiring legal professionals, solicitor apprentices and anyone who’s considering a career in Law. Students were able to experience panel discussions, hear some inspiring keynote presenters, as well as have plenty of opportunities to network and build up their personal legal connections. 

This was an in-person Work Experience Day which took place on Wednesday 25th October at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Centre in the heart of London! 

Young Professionals teamed up with City Century which is a collaboration of over 50 leading London law firms which all came together to provide invaluable insight events, work experiences and solicitor apprenticeship opportunities for students. 

Never before has the legal industry seen so many law firms all coming together with a mutual goal - to help students find out how to secure their dream jobs within a City law firm! This was our students’ chance to be in the same room as some of the senior leaders at each of these incredible law firms to learn from their experiences, ask questions, network and ultimately take the first step to secure their dream profession

Below are some statements from a few of our student’s who attended the event:

Adam Fletcher – Year 12 - The whole event was very well organised, especially with over 3000 students attending in 1 day. We were all provided with pens, paper, a list of 40+ law firms who attended the event. The event was very heavily focused on promoting the route of a solicitor apprenticeship as an alternative route to university, which was not something I wanted to do however, now I would definitely consider it as a plan B for my future. The gave lots of information on the benefits of this route, such as the fully funded degree, and the guaranteed 2-year training course. Every speaker who was on a panel at the event had a great reason to be there and had clearly earned their position which was inspiring, especially since some of them were part of the very first cohort of Solicitor apprenticeships, such as Holly Moore. I would recommend the event to anyone considering this career path.

Naomi Omisore – Year 12 - I found the experience at the city century law event to be helpful because it gave me knowledge about degree apprenticeships as an alternative to just doing a university degree. I was able to meet new people at the event who were really friendly and kind. There were law firms, and Solicitor Apprentice's I was able to talk to and hear from. I even managed to add one of them on LinkedIn and ask follow up questions

Michal Mikolesczyk Year 13 -Having attended the young professionals’ solicitor’s apprenticeship event, I was able to gain vast knowledge on the degree apprenticeship route, but by far the best part was the networking with over 50 law firms being present, the people I was able to meet and talk to were all amazing and having those connections were extremely valuable.

I was able to shake hands with and speak to managing partners at London law firms and furthermore made multiple connections from LinkedIn. The event was professional, fun and valuable.

Harrison Klee Year 13 - There was a heavy focus on degree apprenticeships for large law firms in London. It was targeted towards networking and gaining information on the competitive apprenticeships that are on offer. I gained many names and contact details of people high up in the solicitor hierarchy which I will pursue and inquire of how I need to continue in order to pursue my solicitor career. It allowed me to envision what I may see my future heading and the position(s) I may see myself being.

Tiana Sandy Year 13 - My favourite part of the law work experience was the networking there was plenty of time to talk to leading law firms and gain connections to solicitors. I gained a lot of knowledge and an insight into my desired career path.