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Year 12 Students Embark on Their UCAS Journey

June 13, 2024 09:58am

We are excited to announce that our Year 12 students at Holcombe Grammar School Sixth Form have already commenced their UCAS applications for university and apprenticeships. This early start is a crucial step in ensuring that each student has ample time to craft a compelling and thoughtful application, maximising their chances of securing a place at their desired institution.

To support our students in this significant endeavour, we have organised a series of workshops and dedicated form time tasks. These sessions are designed to provide comprehensive guidance on the UCAS application process, from personal statement writing, to selecting the right courses and universities. Our experienced staff have shared valuable insights, helping students to understand what admissions tutors are looking for and how to showcase their strengths and achievements effectively.

Recently, our Year 12 cohort had the opportunity to attend the UCAS fair at Detling Showground. This event was a fantastic occasion for students to interact with representatives from a wide range of universities and apprenticeship providers. They gathered crucial information about different courses, entry requirements, and career prospects, which will aid them in making informed decisions about their future paths.

Starting the UCAS process early offers numerous benefits. It allows students to explore various options without the pressure of looming deadlines, enabling them to make well-considered choices about their futures. Early preparation also means that students can seek feedback on their personal statements, refine their applications, and address any potential gaps in their academic or extracurricular profiles.

As part of the application process, students’ end-of-year exams will play a significant role. These exams provide a benchmark for predicted grades, which are a critical component of university and apprenticeship applications. By focusing on their studies and aiming for excellent results, our students can strengthen their applications and demonstrate their academic potential to prospective institutions.

At Holcombe Grammar School Sixth Form, we are dedicated to providing our students with the resources and support they need to succeed. The proactive approach to starting their UCAS applications is just one example of how we are preparing them for the next exciting chapter of their educational journey. We are confident that with hard work, determination, and the guidance of our dedicated staff, our Year 12 students will achieve great success in their applications and beyond.

We look forward to celebrating their achievements and supporting them every step of the way and wish them all the best of luck for their end of year exams.