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The School has a well-deserved reputation for the high levels of pastoral care that we provide for our pupils.

We regard high levels of self-discipline as a corner stone of a successful education and a foundation for life. As a result behaviour in lessons and around school is excellent and teachers and pupils have very good working relationships. Indisciplined behaviour is rare but when it occurs we deal with it fairly but firmly. We work with parents to restore relationships and to help pupils recognise the impact that their poor behaviour has on themselves and on other people.

Good behaviour, good attendance and punctuality are rewarded in a wide variety of ways, ‘Tag Days’, Certificates, Visits and Trips as well as commendation letters and ‘Donut Days’.

Incidents of bullying are rare because of the caring nature of the school, when they do occur we adopt a zero tolerance approach and will if necessary, exclude bullies from school, permanently if need be.

Pupils remain in the same form group, with the same form tutor throughout Key Stages 3&4 and this allows good working relationships to be established between pupil and teacher and parent and teacher.

We employ four full time Pastoral Managers who look after the pastoral needs of our pupils from Year 7 through to Year 13 and provide a point of contact and support for pupils and their families throughout their time with us.

There is a peer mentoring system where older pupils are available to provide a sympathetic ear for younger pupils. The peer mentors are trained in child protection as are all members of teaching and support staff.

The school works with Young Carers to support pupils who have caring responsibilities at home and we administer a bursary scheme for pupils whose financial circumstances might make attendance at school difficult.