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Able & Talented

All children in the school benefit from a rich curriculum that is designed to meet their needs and interests. Teachers take into account the different abilities of all the learners when planning lesson with differentiated tasks so that an appropriate level of challenge is provided and leads to good progress. We also provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities that can give your child an interest outside the classroom.

We will make the first steps in identifying our able and talented students in year 7, but you might like to know that children can be placed on the register for a number of reasons, for example:

  • They are working at a level significantly above the national expectation for their age group
  • They have a particular talent in areas such as the arts, music or sport
  • They have been identified as having high potential but are at risk of underachieving
  • Children can move on or off the register at different times in their school career with identification being based on their current performance. Not all students can be expected to stay on the register for their whole school career.

We encourage all students to take part in extra-curricular activities and a number of these will be advertised in school at the start of the school year. There are also some enrichment activities available on Saturdays or during the school holidays that are a way of providing different interests for your child. Students have the opportunity to take part in a range of enrichment activities which are organised by departments and there are specific activities for our exceptionally able. For example they have recently taken part in a workshop considering the ‘spirit of adventure’ using historical examples and differing leadership styles

The following sites are useful if you are interested in developing your child’s interests further.