Creative iMedia

Curriculum Intent

At HGS, we aim to deliver the following ambitious outcomes for our Creative iMedia students through our engaging and relevant curriculum. Students will:

  • Use client briefs to research, plan and develop media products that are appealing to particular target audiences.
  • Use their creative flair to create media products using Adobe CC and Comic Life programs.
  • Develop as effective, efficient, resilient learners who can work independently towards ambitious goals in the development of high quality media products.
  • Develop an awareness of their own strengths and acquire effective habits to be successful at school and beyond. The course will improve students’ IT skills, particularly in terms of using computer programs to develop media products.
  • Achieve high quality academic outcomes which prepare them for further study in their chosen degree subjects.
  • Be ready to takes their first steps towards careers in journalism, game design, website and graphic design, advertising, fashion and photography, television and radio production, and other Media-related careers.

Year 10

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
R081 Pre-Production Skills – Planning and DevelopmentR081 Pre-Production Skills – Laws and DataR082 Creating Digital Graphics – Planning and DevelopmentR082 Creating Digital Graphics – ProductionR084 Storytelling With A Comic Strip – Planning and DevelopmentR084 Storytelling With A Comic Strip – Production



Year 11

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
R087 Creating Interactive Media Products – Planning and DevelopmentR087 Creating Interactive Media Products – ProductionImproving past pieces of work for re-submission (from R082, R084 or R087)R081 Revision and Exam PracticeR081 Revision and Exam Practice

Online Learning Support

Students will have access to TEAMS and a variety of online resources and materials to help develop their understanding of Creative iMedia. Students will also make use of IT throughout their course; they will, by the end of the course, be well-practiced in Adobe Suite programs such as Photoshop, Premiere and In Design.


Creative iMedia skills can be utilised in a wide range of A-Level and university courses and jobs, including – but not limited to – A-Level Media Studies, A-Level IT, journalism, website and graphic design, marketing, fashion and photography, and TV and radio production roles. For students wishing to further pursue their interest in the subject, most universities offer an extensive choice of Media and IT related courses.