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Year 8 Parent Consultation Evening

Year 8 Parent Consultation and Options Evening will be held on Thursday 28th March between 4:30pm and 7:30pm.

Year 10

Year 10 Homework Timetable


Homework to be set according to the two week timetable as follows:

YEAR 9, 10, 11 English, Maths 3 x 60 mins per fortnight
  Options, EC , MFL 2 x 60 mins per fortnight
  BI, CH, PH 1 x 60 mins each per fortnight
  Finance and CIT 1 x 60 mins per fortnight


These are the days on which homework is SET

Note that week A is the week of Sep 5th, week B Sep 12th, and so on.

YEAR 10 Week A Week B
ENGLISH SET Monday DUE Thursday SET Monday
MATHS SET Monday DUE Thursday SET Monday DUE Thursday

SET Thursday DUE Tuesday

MFL Spanish & German Friday

French Thursday

Spanish & German Tuesday


OPTION W Friday Wednesday
OPTION X Wednesday Tuesday
OPTION Y Tuesday

10Y PE SET Tuesday DUE Friday


10Y PE SET Tuesday DUE Tuesday A

OPTION Z Wednesday Monday
Finance Thursday Thursday
BIOLOGY 10-1 DUE Friday

10-2 SET Friday

10-3 DUE Friday

10-4  SET Tuesday

SET Wednesday

DUE Wednesday

SET Monday

DUE Tuesday

CHEMISTRY 10-1 SET Wednesday

10-2 DUE Monday

10-3 SET Monday

10-4 Wednesday

DUE Monday

SET Monday

DUE Tuesday

SET Wednesday

PHYSICS 10-1 SET Tuesday

10-2 DUE Tuesday

10-3 SET Friday

10-4  SET Monday

DUE Monday

SET Tuesday

DUE Wednesday

DUE Friday