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Coronavirus Updates

Further information about how our Trust and schools are taking necessary precautions since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, can be found in our Trust’s ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) website section’.

For responses to our National Writing Day #247challenge, please see here.

Students joining us in Year 12 September 2020: please see a page of resources for you here. 

Update 11.06.20: For an update about remote learning, to Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12, please see here.

Update 08.06.20: Year 10 and 12 parents and carers, please see the letter that has been sent out with your student’s bubbles. For FAQs, please see here.

Live Learning Timetables: Please see here for live learning timetables for this term for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

For any key worker whose child is not currently using our childcare facility, and who subsequently becomes unable to provide childcare at home –  you must give the school 24 hours’ notice that you need to use this provision so that we can provide appropriate staffing. This means emailing or calling 03333 602130 by 9am the day before. For Monday provision, please ensure that you contact the school by 9am on the preceding Friday.  Students arriving without giving 24 hours’ notice may be turned away if we do not have adequate staffing. To access this provision, you must also have downloaded and completed the form that can be found here and you must bring it with you to the school when you arrive.

You can access Holcombe Grammar School’s COVID-19 latest update and archived letters for the whole school and year groups, including links to resources at


Homework or self supported study at home is a pre-requisite for academic success at all levels and as such should be regularly set and encouraged. The establishment of good study habits and a regular allocation of time at home spent on additional work outside of the classroom in the early years of secondary school will assist in raising academic standards.

No student should be allowed with impunity to evade homework and sanctions must be applied where necessary.

Students who have been absent are expected to catch up on all work missed. Legislation requires us to (a) provide homework, and (b) mark work, for the few students who have been excluded.

This table shows the amount of time students can expect to spend on homework each fortnight.

Students should write in black ink. Students are expected to proof-read all work. Alterations as a result of proof reading should be in blue ink.

Teachers will post the homework on ‘Show My Homework’ where the deadline will be clearly displayed. Students are expected to meet these deadlines.



Please find the relevant timetable schedules for each group on the right hand side of the page. This contains when homework will be set for the students.


Year 7 can be viewed here.

Year 8 can be viewed here.

Homework TimeTable

All homework can be found at

For information about accessing Show My Homework, please see here.