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Homework or self supported study at home is a pre-requisite for academic success at all levels and as such should be regularly set and encouraged. The establishment of good study habits and a regular allocation of time at home spent on additional work outside of the classroom in the early years of secondary school will assist in raising academic standards.

No student should be allowed with impunity to evade homework and sanctions must be applied where necessary.

Students who have been absent are expected to catch up on all work missed. Legislation requires us to (a) provide homework, and (b) mark work, for the few students who have been excluded.

This table shows the amount of time students can expect to spend on homework each fortnight.

Students should write in black ink. Students are expected to proof-read all work. Alterations as a result of proof reading should be in blue ink.



Please find the relevant timetable schedules for each group on the right hand side of the page. This contains when homework will be set for the students.


Year 7 can be viewed here.

Year 8 can be viewed here.

Homework TimeTable