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Key Stage 3

In Year 8 students go into more detail in terms of developing their grammar. They will be able to talk about family life and also about someone else. They will be able to talk about jobs, where they live, the weather as well as likes and dislikes. Students will be able to talk about what they do in their free time and will be able to explain what they did during the previous week. Shopping appears to be important to everyone and so students learn how to describe where they go when they go out and what they eat and drink. They will be able to talk about items of clothing. Textbooks in Year 8:

  • All pupils have been given a list of the Year 7 topics which they should have revised during the holidays
  • All pupils are issued with a textbook: Studio 2 Rouge (Pearsons) which is the follow up of Studio 1.
  • They will find the interactive version of the textbooks on Moodle 2 as well as a variety of PowerPoint Presentations and games. (They have access to the Year 7 resources to fill in the gaps in their knowledge)
  • Like in year 7, emphasis is placed on learning in class through participation in class in French as well as regular consolidation and further practice at home.