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Year 08

Key Stage 3

The transition from Primary to Secondary School is an exciting and significant event for students. It may also be one of the scariest things they will have done in their lives to date! The experience that HGS provides for students in KS3 is designed to provide a solid foundation, not only to their continuing academic studies but also in their development as young, productive and valuable members of society.

From Year 8 onwards, students are encouraged to get involved in other whole-school trips, many of which are undertaken through the Languages Faculty with our friends and colleagues in other countries throughout the world.

The accelerated KS3 curriculum offered in Years 7 and 8 covers a wide range of subjects, skills and experiences. Lessons are taught by subject-specialists, but transferable skills are developed and used throughout the subjects. Individual focus days and weeks, including a cross-curricular week in Year 7 and a Maritime day trip in Year 8, provide extended opportunities for students to develop valuable functional and inter-personal skills.

Students are also encouraged to get involved in many other aspects of the Holcombe community. A large number of extra-curricular activities are offered with an extensive range of sports clubs, subject-specific societies and music and drama groups. Students also have the opportunity of making an impact on the life of the School through a number of different positions of responsibility including being a member of the School Council, the Diversity Group or taking on the role of Form or Sports Captain.