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Upcoming Events

Year 9 Parents’ Evening will be held Thursday 6th February, 4:30pm-6:30pm.


With Spanish culture and language being ever more popular, Spanish continues to be a highly valuable language to learn. Students enjoy taking part in competitions such as the national Spelling-Bee competition. Students are also able to benefit from the many cross-curricular links, leading to exciting projects.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 is a critical year because students begin to learn how to communicate effectively in Spanish. Students cover a variety of topics which relate to themselves and also developing relationships with others. Students develop team work and organisational skills through working together.

In Year 8 students go into more detail in terms of developing their grammar. They will be able to talk about family life and also about someone else. They will be able to talk about jobs, where they live, the weather as well as likes and dislikes. Students will be able to talk about what they do in their free time and will be able to explain what they did during the previous week. Shopping appears to be important to everyone and so students learn how to describe where they go when they go out and what they eat and drink.

Students get the chance to work on a project on a chosen aspect of Hispanic art and culture. Students also get the opportunity to communicate with Spanish speaking students in other parts of the world such as Latin America.