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Key Stage 3

Science is taught with a hands-on approach here at Holcombe Grammar School. The Science curriculum is made up of topics in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. We build upon the students’ experience of Science in primary school and provide fantastic foundations for further learning at GCSE. We strive to spark our students’ curiosity in the world around them so that they can understand the scientific implications that impact on their own lives. We aim to build knowledge, understanding and investigative skills. Students have six lessons of Science per fortnight. Students are assessed on their knowledge during each topic, as well as undergoing constant assessment on how well they apply their scientific knowledge and practical skills.

In Year 7 students study:

Organisms – Movement and Cells

Matter – Particle Model and Separating Mixtures

Forces – Speed and Gravity

Ecosystems – Interdependence and Plant Reproduction

Reactions – Metals and non-metals; Acids and Alkalis

Electromagnets – Voltage, Resistance and Current

Genes – Variation and Human Reproduction

Earth – Structure and Universe

Energy – Energy Costs and Transfer

Waves – Sound and Light