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Religious Studies

Religious Studies is one of the most important subjects that you will study, particularly in the multicultural society in which we live.  In the modern world of international travel and broadening experiences it is essential that we understand the values and beliefs of those people around us.

Key Stage 3

Religious Studies is a fascinating and diverse subject and during your time at CGSB you will examine the beliefs and practices of the six major world religions; Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.   We also spend lots of time looking at ethical issues, and problems affecting society and the world as we know it.  You will explore children’s rights, war and peace, crime and punishment, the environment, prejudice and discrimination and much more.  In year 8 you will also examine some of the major philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God.  This is a challenging topic, but one which students thoroughly enjoy!

Studying R.S. helps you to develop important skills which will help you both at school and outside and in the future in the workplace too!  You will learn to: empathise, evaluate, express yourself, analyse, investigate, interpret, communicate effectively, reflect and many more…!  Religious Studies is one of the few subjects which gives you the chance to express your ideas and opinions.  You do not have to be religious to study R.S, after all it is important to remember that that we are learning about religions, not to be religious! Your beliefs and ideas will be respected and listened to no matter what they are!