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Many European do not know that German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. It is also among the top four most widely used languages on the Internet and the rest of the business and industrial world. Studying German gives you a good career start. German language graduates have one of the highest employment rates in the U.K. Competence in the German language enhances employability, career prospects, mobility, job satisfaction and competitiveness. If you learn German, you are sure to be part of the world of: car-making; mechanical, electrical and precision engineering; chemicals; environmental technology; optics; medical technology; biotech and genetic engineering; nanotechnology; aerospace; logistics. For these and other major reasons, the German department CGSB is committed not only to maintaining high standards of achievement in this subject but also encourages all students to have an international viewpoint and understanding of different cultures. This will enhances our young people’s competitiveness in the national and internal future labour markets.

Key Stage 3

For most students this is their first experience of German so we begin with a diverse selection of topics, including town and country, holidays and personal descriptions, to get them started. Students perform role-play presentations in German in front of their peers, and learn how to analyse basic texts. A language suite at the cutting edge of technology add an exciting dimension to students of all ages and abilities. Students use the most up-to-date language software, video-conferencing, websites and media facilities to support their language learning.

Groups Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 7 General Introduction School and Routine Family and Friends
Year 8 Holidays Shopping After School Health Going out Exchange



Students are assessed during lessons to check progress and a formal assessment is done at the end of each unit of work. These assessments look at different skill areas – listening, speaking, reading and writing. Pupils’ performance in these assessments combined with their work in class and homework will be used to decide at which level they are working.