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Art and Design

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 Art and Design students will build on skills such as:

* The observation and recording of visual images and through these activities the expression of feelings and emotions.

* The study of the work of Artists, Photographers, Designers, Craft Makers alongside the study of work from a variety of cultures and eras.

* The development of planning and visualization skills.

* The intuitive and logical processes of designing.

* Promoting visual enquiry, creative and imaginative thought, and applying aesthetic principles.

The department’s focus for assessing pupil progress as laid out within the various Key Stages simplifies into the following key areas:

* Recording.

* Developing.

* Refining.

* Presenting a Personal Response.

Within this the main underlying focus is on knowledge, understanding and skills. Key skills which are looked for within Art and Design include:

* Creativity.

* Exploring and experimenting.

* Taking risks and learning from mistakes.

* Competence using a variety of different media.

* Analysing and Evaluating.

* Designing and Planning.

* Critical and cultural knowledge and understanding.

* Research and investigational skills.