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Year 07

Key Stage 3

The curriculum in year 7 at Holcombe Grammar School is designed to help students develop a solid foundation, both in continuing their high level academic studies and in their development as productive and valuable members of society.

Our fortnightly timetable ensures students have access to a range of lessons and home learning opportunities to attain knowledge and abilities in preparation for their GCSE courses. Our curriculum builds on many subject specific skills, including numeracy and literacy covered in primary school, and develops transferable thinking skills that are used throughout the subjects. Many concepts studied are demanding and unfamiliar topics that enable students to discover new ideas that may shape their future choices in work and education.

Academic mastery in year 7 is rooted in a student’s wider reading, research and general world knowledge that supports the classroom based learning. Therefore, throughout year 7 lessons, form time and extra-curricular activities the development of a love of reading is a priority. In addition, students are encouraged to make use of the school library, share their book reviews with peers and attend extra-curricular book clubs to extend their interests and reading skills.

Individual focus days for year 7 include Thinking Tools training in term 1 and Revision Skills in term 4. These days are led by the form tutors to introduce the Thinking Tools that form the basis of Holcombe’s approach to teaching and learning, and by the School Captains and prefects to help students prepare for their end of year exams successfully.

Students are also encouraged to get involved in many other aspects of the Holcombe community. An extensive range of clubs, societies, music and groups are offered before school, at lunch time and after school. Students also have the opportunity of making an impact on the life of the school through a number of different positions of responsibility including being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, helping to run a club or taking on the role of a Form Captain or Sports Captain.