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Media Studies

Key Stage 4

Media Studies at GCSE introduces you to the complex and wonderful world of the media. The media is something that we all take for granted; we challenge this. It is an ever present in our lives and we teach you to decode Media texts. We analyse a variety of different media texts which allows us to see how the texts are constructed/put together and the impact they have on audiences. You will have the opportunity to use media technology and use this to make creative media products. You make things like DVD covers, posters, magazines and film trailers.

You will develop a more autonomous approach to problem solving but you’ll also become a better team player. You’ll learn how to analyse and become more inquisitive about the media world. You’ll learn how to take photographs, how to shoot and edit video and how to layout print products and you’ll develop your creative skills and your ability to articulate your ideas both in discussion in class and on paper.

The course comprises of 60% coursework and 40% exam. You produce three pieces of coursework, including a practical project. We introduce you to media concepts and theory and apply this learning to an exam topic that changes every year. For 2016 the topic is science fiction film and for 2017 it’s television games shows.