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Key Stage 4

GCSE History is a successful and popular subject at HGS, with a clear path of progression to A Level study.  It is taught by fully qualified and experienced teachers.

Aims of the Course

The Department aims to provide an engaging and interesting syllabus that teaches pupils a range of thematic issues and historical skills.   Pupils will develop a range of historical skills such as the use of source work, comparison, validity and interpretation that will support the development of high levels of literacy.


Assessment will be entirely exam based, with all exams at the end of the course. The combined exams will take 4 hours.


Students will study a diverse range of topics including ‘Germany in Transition: 1919-39’, ‘Development of the USA: 1929-2000’, ‘Changes in Health and Medicine: c500-Present’ and ‘The Elizabethan Age: 1558-1603’.

History Course Outline GCSE