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Coronavirus Updates

For any key worker whose child is not currently using our childcare facility,  and who subsequently becomes unable to provide childcare at home –  you must give the school 24 hours’ notice that you need to use this provision so that we can provide appropriate staffing. This means emailing or calling 0333 602115 by 9am the day before.

For Monday provision, please ensure that you contact the school by 9am on the preceding Friday.  Students arriving without giving 24 hours’ notice may be turned away if we do not have adequate staffing.


Other letters about Coronavirus are below.

Letter to all parents – Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 27.03.20

Letter to parents – Year 11 and 13 27.03.20

23.03.20 – Key Workers

School Closure Guidance

Key Workers

Update 19.03.20

We will of course keep all parents up to date with any further announcements. 


Admissions 2020/21

All admission acceptances and appeals forms should be emailed to Please do not bring them in at the school. Ms Wood will be in touch soon to confirm receipt of documents. However, please email the Admissions email for any queries or concerns. We hope everyone is safe and well and we look forward to meeting you in September.


French (Ms H. Ortega- Izquierdo )           

Course Title

GCSE French

Examination Board


Examination Details:

100% external assessment- all papers to be set and marked by Edexcel.

Listening: 25% of overall mark

Students will be expected to understand a series of extracts and conversations in French, spoken clearly and comparatively slowly. At least 20% of all instructions will be in French. Answers will be mainly non-verbal.

Speaking: 25% of overall mark. Speaking will comprise of 3 components:

·         Task 1 – a role play based on one topic.

·         Task 2 – questions based on a picture stimulus based on one topic that is allocated by Pearson.

·         Task 3 – conversation based on two themes. The first theme is based on the topic chosen by the student in advance of the assessment. The second theme is allocated by Edexcel (previously studied in class).

Reading: 25% of overall mark.

·         At least 30% of the questions will be in French.

·         Students will be expected to read a variety of stimuli including a short literary piece.

·         1 translation from French into English.

Writing: 25% of overall mark

·         Students will be expected to complete a variety of tasks including 1 translation (English-French) which will be in sentences or short passages depending on the tier.

·         In order to achieve a grade 5-9 at GCSE, students must be able to use a variety of grammatical structures including the past, present and future tenses and be able to express and justify opinions.

Course Outline

The course covers a variety of contexts linked to themes that relate to:

·         Identity and culture

·         Local, national, international and global areas of interest

·         Current and future study and employment

·         There will be an emphasis on the culture and identities of the French speaking countries and communities.

·         Students will also be exposed to literary texts, adapted as required.

·         There will be a focus on independent and spontaneous use of French.

An understanding of French-speaking life and culture forms an integral part of this course and it is hoped that students will visit a French speaking country either on holiday or on a school journey.  There will be residential trips (in the last two years, we went to Warsy and Normandy where we visited the Mont St Michael and the Bayeux tapestry)

Cross-Curricular Links

The French course will appeal to pupils who:

·         Have an interest in the French language

·         Are interested in finding out about another culture

·         Have a sense of adventure by taking part in visits

·         Are considering working in a French-speaking country

Sixth Form and Career Opportunities

·         Students with a grade 6 or above will have achieved a firm foundation to study French at KS5.

·         The acquisition of a good A Level grade would allow you to pursue French and possibly other languages at university and would be a considerable advantage in the world of employment. Please do not overlook the possibility of studying abroad too!