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Key Stage 4

Your son has chosen to study French for his G.C.S.E. The three-year Edexcel course will give him the opportunity to not only deepen and master his knowledge of the French language but also to learn about French speaking cultures.

French is an exciting and important language to learn, not least because France is on our doorstep but also because it is spoken in many countries around the world. In years 9 and 10, students cover the content of the course with a great emphasis on grammar in year9. In year 11, we consolidate the 4 skills and review the topics. During the lessons, we use a range of thinking tools to enable your son to reapply past knowledge and manipulate the language in a range of contexts in a meaningful way.

The 5 main themes of study are:

  • Identity and culture;
  • Local area, holiday and travel;
  • School;
  • Future aspirations, study and work;
  • International and global dimension.

All students are issued with a textbook and have access to Active-Teach from home, which is a fantastic resource, allowing them to access the course textbook, working on listening, reading, writing and grammar. They are highly encouraged to use these resources alongside homework as each skill is worth 25% and must be practised regularly.

Students have the opportunity to go on an exciting residential trip to Normandy, where they experience a range of cultural activities and apply some of the language they have learnt in school.