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Key Stage 4

All year 9 and 10 students will undertake the LIBF Finance Level 2 course – Certificate in Financial Education (CeFe). This leads to a qualification equivalent to GCSE. Students will have access to the LIBF website where they can access all the course material.

The CeFE course provides students with an understanding of the economy, financial management skills, employability and enterprise. CeFE introduces the student to the impact of finance on the economy and encourages them to consider how this can affect business and the individual. Through this it develops knowledge and provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines.

It also enables students to understand the consequences of their actions, be confident in managing your own money, develop numeracy skills and make informed decisions about financial products and services.


Unit 1: Finance, the Individual and Society

Citizenship, government policies, features of money, sources of income, types of taxation, inflation, interest rates, economic cycle, exchange rates.

Unit 2: Practices of Managing Money

Financial planning, financial services providers, attitude to risk, savings products, budgeting, managing money, transferring money, payslips, income tax, VAT, borrowing products, debt management.

Unit 3: Financial Capability, Work and Enterprise

What makes a business successful, enterprise, business banking, fraud, theft, managing tax, business ethics.