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Global Perspectives

Why study Global Perspectives?

In today’s global society having a broad and culturally sensitive perspectives is paramount for engaging with all aspects of life. This course offers you the chance to learn skills of analysis and evaluation, which can then be applied to global questions. The skills that you acquire here, such as the ability to produce high-quality research on a topic and formulate your own opinion, will benefit your other subjects, as well as being highly sought by both employers and universities.

How will you be assessed?

In the first year you will complete 50% of the 2-year qualification, which can also be cached in as a short-course. It is divided into three components:

·         1 ½ hour exam, where you complete a critical analysis and comparison of 2 articles (12.5%)

·         2000-word essay on a controversial ethical topic (15%)

·         3000-word presentation on a self-devised question from a stimulus booklet of 8 articles (22.5%)


In the second year, you complete a 5000-word essay on a topic of your choice. This counts for 50% of the final grade.


What will you study?  
Critical Thinking Skills This will introduce you to the key critical terminology that you will need to employ in both the exam, to successfully compare two articles, as well as in your analysis of articles for the different pieces of coursework.
2000 Essay This needs to be on a controversial issue, which has two clear sides. You will weigh up arguments for and against the question that you pose, using critical thinking techniques, before reaching a conclusion. Topics in the past have ranged from genetic engineering to immunisation, from the use of nuclear weapons to social media.
3000 Presentation This presentation will be produced taken from a concept or argument from a booklet containing 8 articles. Again, you will need to give both sides of the issue and reach a conclusion. Topics that booklets have been on in the past include e-books and driverless cars.
IRR 5000 essay This research piece allows you the opportunity to write a comprehensive essay on a topic that you may wish to study at university or in the world of work. It will allow you to gain excellent research skills and to engage with a topic at a high level. Topics that have been successfully completed in the past range from investigating into Communism in China to the effects of the media on body image.
What will Global perspectives offer you in the future?

This course offers you the ability to become a more analytical and discerning student, through acquiring the skills necessary to research and critically analyse scholarly articles. The skills that you gain can be applied to all of your other subjects, which will enhance your general understanding of global issues, coupled with the ability to write in a clear and concise manner.