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Subject Leader

Mrs C Obee

Advanced Level



Why study Geography?

The specification is designed to address a wide range of contemporary themes and issues, so students can understand the world around us and what could impact its future. We cover the key ideas and debates in our world today, such as climate change, globalisation, urban regeneration and management of the world’s resources. Students will explore a range of issues and examine potential solutions to them. There are a minimum of 4 compulsory days of coursework required to study this course.


How will you be assessed?

Paper 1, 30% of qualification – Assessment of Dynamic Landscapes and Physical Systems and Sustainability. 2 hours 15 minutes. 105 marks

Paper 2, 30% of qualification – Assessment of Dynamic Places and Human Systems and Geopolitics. 2 hours 15 minutes. 105 marks

Paper 3, 20% of qualification – Synoptic investigation of a contemporary geographical issue. 2 hours 15 minutes. 70 marks

Coursework, 20% of the qualification- A level Independent Investigation. Internally assessed and externally moderated. Written report of 3000 – 4000 words. 70 marks


What will you study?  
Area of study 1 ‐Dynamic landscapes This unit will include study on:

1.     Tectonic processes and Hazards

2.     Landscape processes and change- Either                Glaciated or Coastal Landscapes

Area of study 2 ‐ Dynamic Places This unit will include study on:

3.     Globalisation

4.     Shaping Places – Regenerating

Places or Diverse Places plus a minimum

of 1 day of human geography fieldwork

Area of study 3- Physical systems and sustainability


This unit will include study on:

5.     The water cycle and water insecurity

6.     The carbon cycle and energy security

7.     Climate change futures

Area of study 4 ‐ Human systems and geopolitics This unit will include study on:

8.     Superpowers

9.     Global

Development and Connections

Either Health, Human Rights and

Intervention or Migration, Identity and


What will Geography offer you in the future?

Geography  offers  a  host  of  career  opportunities:  Meteorology,  Data  Collectors,  Climatology,  Global  Warming Researcher, Teaching, Seismologist, Volcanologist, Lecturer, Human Resources, Travel Industry and many more.