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Financial Studies

Subject Leader

Miss S Lyons


Financial Studies


Why study Financial Studies (DipFS)?

This course gives a comprehensive introduction to personal finance, enabling students to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and the tools for effective planning. Students will also learn about the key concepts of financial capability and how they are applied to achieve longer-term financial sustainability.

How will you be assessed?

Units are assessed through a combination of Multiple-Choice Questions (Part A) and a written paper (Part B).


Unit 1 and Unit 2

Part A: 35 multiple choice questions in a 45-minute examination.

Part B: pre-release case study requiring essay responses in a 105-minute examination.


Unit 3 and Unit 4

Part A: 35 multiple choice questions in a 1-hour examination.

Part B: pre-release case study requiring essay responses in a 2-hour examination.


What will you study?
Year 12 – Certificate in Financial Studies


Value of money

Types of financial products

Key stakeholders in financial services

Personal budgeting

Tax implications

Financial advice

Year 13 – Diploma in Financial Studies External influences of personal finances

Debt and borrowing

Changes in the Financial Services industry

Impact of global events

Ethical considerations

Financial services marketing

What will Financial Studies offer you in the future?

This qualification develops knowledge and understanding of the financial services sector and enhances skills that are valued within that sector. For students seeking to continue in education, DipFS provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines, as well as a wide range of other commercial or not-for profit sectors.

For students who choose to move straight into employment, DipFS may support access to employment in areas such as in insurance, banking, and office administration, or in the voluntary sector such as with Citizens Advice.