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Business Studies

Subject Leader                                                                                      Advanced Level

Miss S Lyons                                                                         Business Studies


Why study Business Studies?

Learn about the workings of real-life businesses; understand the cause and effect of business decisions; develop skills such as handling data, presenting arguments, making recommendations, recognising problems, planning and conducting research ‐ all useful for future study and for all career choices.

How will you be assessed?

There are three papers used to assess A Level Business Studies. Each paper will assess all parts of the subject material. Paper 1 consists of multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. Paper 2 contains questions based on data response. Paper 3 is based on a case study. Each paper is worth one third of the final qualification.

What will you study?
Year 12 – Business Activity


What is business?

Managers, leadership and decision making.

Decision making to improve:

·         Marketing performance

·         Operational performance

·         Financial performance

·         Human resource performance

Year 13 – Business Strategy Analysing the strategic position of a business.

Choosing strategic direction.

Strategic methods.

Managing strategic change.

What will Business Studies offer you in the future?

There are hundreds of Business courses at University from Pure Business to combinations with languages, marketing, human resources, and economics.  Specific careers include accountancy and management as well as preparing students working for themselves.