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Applied Science

Subject Leader

Miss P Wilson


Advanced Level

Applied Science-BTEC


Why study Applied Science?

This course provides the foundation of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at A Level. You will learn a wide range of practical laboratory skills. It is aimed at students that have a high interest in science and desire to pursue either further studies at university, a route to employment or further training in this subject.

How will you be assessed?

Unit 1 – External assessment- Written examination set and marked by Edexcel, 1.5 hours, 90 marks

Cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics equally. The paper will include a range of question types, including multiple choice, calculations, short answer and open responses.

Unit 2 – Internal coursework assessment

Unit 3 – External assessment- A practical investigation (3 hours) and written submission (1.5 hours) marked by Edexcel, 60 marks

Unit 4 – Internal coursework assessment


Each unit is graded as: U, Pass, Merit or Distinction

The units are combined together for one overall A-Level equivalent grade. You will be awarded either a U. Pass, Merit, Distinction, or Distinction *. You will be awarded an Extended Certificate in Applied Science at the end of year 13.

What will you study?  
Unit 1:

Principles and Applications of Science

·         90 Guided Learning Hours

·         Covers some of the key science concepts in biology, chemistry and physics. The topic areas covered in this unit include: animal and plant cells; tissues; atomic structure and bonding; chemical and physical properties of substances related to their uses; waves and their application in communications.

Unit 2:

Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques

·         90 Guided Learning Hours

·         This unit introduces you to standard laboratory equipment and techniques, including titration, colorimetry, chromatography, calibration procedures and laboratory safety.

Unit 3:

Scientific Investigation Skills

·         120 Guided Learning Hours

·         In this unit, you will develop the essential skills underpinning practical scientific investigations. As well as drawing on Units 1 and 2, these skills will be delivered through subject themes ranging from enzymes and diffusion to electrical circuits.

What will Applied Science offer you in the future?

This course is useful in preparation for further study at university, employment, self-employment, or training. Studying Applied Science could lead to a career in engineering, psychology, geography, environmental science, nursing, midwifery, and many other STEM related fields. Students should always check the requirements of the degree programme that they are interested in pursuing.

What do I need at GCSE in order to Study BTEC Applied Science?

In Separate Science GCSE you must get at least 6/6/5 and in Combined Science you must have at least 6/6.