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Coronavirus Updates

Following the Government’s most recent Covid-19 update on Sunday 10th May it is important to note that there are no immediate changes in the education or child care provision made by schools.

Therefore, schools will continue to provide distance learning support for students and child care for Key Workers who have provided 24 hours notice of their intention to use the child care facility. 


As you will be aware, the government has announced the expectation that Secondary schools will begin a phased transition to school based learning during Term 6 for selected Year Groups.


We are working closely with the Local Authorities and the Department For Education to ensure the most effective and safe return to school for students and staff. We will be in contact you shortly to update you on our plans. Please continue to check your mailboxes and this website for updates. Thank you for your continued support.


For any key worker whose child is not currently using our childcare facility, and who subsequently becomes unable to provide childcare at home –  you must give the school 24 hours’ notice that you need to use this provision so that we can provide appropriate staffing. This means emailing or calling 03333 602130 by 9am the day before. For Monday provision, please ensure that you contact the school by 9am on the preceding Friday.  Students arriving without giving 24 hours’ notice may be turned away if we do not have adequate staffing. To access this provision, you must also have downloaded and completed the form that can be found here and you must bring it with you to the school when you arrive.

Years 10 and 12: Please see important Covid-19 update from 21.05.20 here.

Years 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13: Please see important Covid-19 update from 22.05.20 from here.

Please see letter to all parents from Ms Gould here.

For useful learning resources from Medway Libraries, please see here. 

For pastoral support resources, please see here.

For all letters sent home about Coronavirus, please see here.

For information about accessing Microsoft Teams, please see here.

For information about accessing Show My Homework, please see here.

For resources for Year 11 into Year 12 students and those Year 13 students going into Higher Education, please see here.

Admissions 2020/21

We are currently awaiting further advice from the Department for Education about how appeal deadlines may be affected by the current COVID-19 restrictions on schools. In the meantime, we would encourage anyone who still wishes to appeal to do so. Further advice will be provided to all appellants as soon as it is available. All admission appeal forms should be emailed to Please do not bring them into school.

Free School Meals

Following on from the recent government announcement that the free school meal (FSM) e-vouchers, we have registered all students entitled to FSM with the DfE provider who will be distributing the e-vouchers using the email address you have provided to the school. We have not been advised when the first voucher will be sent, but any delay will not affect your entitlement. If you requested a printed voucher, these will follow on once we have received them but are subject to postal delays at present. Any queries, please use the following link:

Term Dates

TERM DATES 2019/2020


September 2019 to July 2020
Term 1 Start Monday 2nd September 2019: Staff Development Day

Tuesday 3rd September 2019: Whole school starts

Finish Thursday 17th October 2019: Whole school finishes


Friday 18th October 2019: Staff Development Day

Autumn Break Monday 21st October 2019 to Friday 25th October 2019
Term 2 Start Monday 28th October 2019
Finish Wednesday 18th December, 2019
Christmas Break Thursday 19th December 2019: School closed in lieu of Open Day


Friday 20th December 2019 to Friday 3rd January 2020

Monday 6th January 2020: Staff Development Day

Term 3 Start Tuesday 7th January 2020
Finish Friday 14th February 2020
February Break Monday 17th February 2020 to Friday 21st February 2020
Term 4 Start Monday 24th February 2020
Finish Friday 3rd April 2020
Good Friday Friday 10th April 2020
Easter Monday Monday 13th April 2020
Spring Break Monday 6th April 2020 to Friday 17th April 2020
Term 5 Start Monday 20th April 2020
Finish Friday 22nd May 2020
Early May Bank Holiday Friday 8th May 2020 (instead of Monday 4th)
May Break Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May 2020
Term 6 Start Monday 1st June 2020
Finish Friday 17th July 2020
Monday 20th July 2020: Staff Development Day

Tuesday 21st July 2020: Staff Development Day

TERM DATES 2020/2021

  September 2020 to July 2021  
Term 1 Start Thursday 3rd  September 2020: Staff Development Day

Friday 4th  September 2020:  Staff Development Day

Monday 7th September 2020: First Day Back

  Finish Thursday 22nd October 2020: Whole school finishes

Friday 23rd October 2020: Staff Development Day

  Year 7 Open Morning Saturday 10th October 2019
Autumn Break   Monday 26th October 2020 to Friday 30th October 2020
Term 2 Start Monday 2nd November 2020
  Finish Friday 18th December, 2020
   Day off in Lieu of Open Morning Friday, 20th November, 2020
Christmas Break   Monday 21st December 2020 to Friday 1st January 2021

Monday 4th January 2021: Staff Development Day

Term 3 Start Tuesday 5th January 2021
  Finish Friday 12th  February 2021
February Break   Monday 15th February 2021 to Friday 19th February 2021
Term 4 Start Monday 22nd February 2021
  Finish Thursday 1st April 2021
Good Friday   Friday 2nd April 2021
Easter Monday   Monday 5th April 2021
Spring Break   Tuesday 6th April 2021 to Friday 16th April 2021
Term 5 Start Monday 19th April 2021
  Finish Friday 28th  May 2021
  Early May Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021
May Break   Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021
Term 6 Start Monday 7th June 2021
  Finish Thursday 22nd July 2021
    Thursday 23rd July 2021: Staff Development Day