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School Uniform

Holcombe Grammar School Uniform

September 2020


· Grey Holcombe Grammar School blazer with badge

· Shirt – plain white long or short sleeved

· Holcombe Grammar School tie

· Charcoal grey tailored trousers – no casual style or material, straight or slim (not skinny)

· Black Jumper (optional)

· Black or dark grey socks

· Shoes – plain black formal shoes (no boots, canvas shoes, branded shoes or trainers allowed. Coat (when required) in a plain, dark colour (no logos)

· Head covering (when worn, this is to be for religious reasons only and prearranged)



· Holcombe PE top (short sleeves)

· Holcombe PE shorts

· Holcombe rugby shirt

· Long black socks

· White socks (indoors)

· Trainers (indoor)

· Shin Pads

· Football/rugby boots (with plastic or rubber studs)

· Holcombe Tracksuit Top (optional, although no other top can be worn in place of this)

· Holcombe Tracksuit Bottom (optional, although no other tracksuit bottoms can be worn in place of this)


Miscellaneous Equipment:

· Black writing pens at least 3

· Blue writing pens

· Green writing pens

· Coloured pencils

· Maths set to include set square, protractor and compass

· Calculator

· Eraser and pencil sharpener

· Ruler (30cm)

· Pencil case (large enough for all the above)

· Plain black rucksack