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PE Department Expectations

PE Department Expectations

Students will make use of two PE kits during their time at Holcombe:

Indoor activities (ie: badminton, fitness, handball) will require: Holcombe polo shirt, Holcombe PE shorts and trainers.

Outdoor activities (ie: football, rugby, hockey) will require: Long sleeved Holcombe rugby top, Holcombe PE shorts, long socks, shin pads, trainers/ moulded boots, tracksuit (optional).

It is expected that students will bring the correct kit for each of their PE lessons, and the responsibility falls upon the student to be aware of the days that they have PE on their timetable, as well as which kit is required. In the rare instances where students fail to bring the correct kit sanctions will be enforced on an escalating basis for each occasion this occurs. However, there are a number of things that students can do to avoid this:

  • If students are unable to take an active part in the lesson (through injury/illness etc) students should ask their parents to write a brief note in their planner to inform their PE teacher.
  • If students do not have access to the correct kit (for example if it has been lost or is in the wash) then they should bring an alternative suitable kit, along with a note from parents to explain the situation.
  • The Curriculum plan is available on Show My Homework for students and parents, and a copy is also on display in the PE department. Students should check this regularly so that they know which activity they will be undertaking and therefore which kit is required.
  • If they are in any doubt, students are encouraged to report to the PE office and check with a member of PE staff.

We are fortunate to have access to a range of facilities that we make use of for PE lessons, many of which require particular footwear and items of kit, so it is important that students familiarise themselves with the curriculum plan for their class. For outdoor lessons students are welcome to wear the Holcombe PE tracksuit to keep warm, although this is entirely optional.

Should you have any questions regarding kit or any other aspect of PE at Holcombe please contact Mr Nanson (