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PE Department Expectations

PE Department Expectations

Indoor PE kit: Indoor polo shirt, Holcombe PE shorts and trainers.


Outdoor PE kit: Outdoor rugby top, Holcombe shorts, long socks, shin pads, trainers/ moulded boots, tracksuit (optional).


Failure to have the complete kit, including the appropriate footwear and shin pads, will result in the following sanctions:

  • 1st occasion of the academic year = Break/lunch detention
  • 2nd occasion of the academic year = 1 hour after school
  • 3rd occasion of the academic year= 1 hour after school & contact home
  • 4th + occasion of the academic year = 2 hour after school

If students are unable to take an active part in the lesson (through injury/illness etc) parents should contact the PE department, ideally through a note in the students’ planner.

If students do not have access to the correct kit they should bring an alternative suitable kit, along with a note from parents.


The Curriculum plan is shown on Show My Homework for students and parents as well as a copy in the PE department. Students should check this regularly so that they know which kit is required.

Lessons with a yellow highlight only will be at Holcombe for either Hockey or Football so would need outdoor kit with shin pads and trainers.

Onsite football (white highlight) would require moulded boots and shin pads.


Should you have any questions regarding kit or any other aspect of PE at Holcombe please contact Mr Nanson (