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Football Academy

Football Academy

The Victory Academy and Holcombe Grammar School, in partnership with Advance Player Development, offer a Football Academy for students joining our Sixth Form.

APD was founded by Director and Head Coach, Harry Watling in March 2013. APD was built upon the #PlaytheAPDway philosophy, which is an expansive and positive style of football that excites and engages with the modern game. The APD way is not only manifested on the pitch but demands the players to have a hardworking attitude and respectful nature, off the pitch. APS’s company mission is to help aspiring young players bridge the gap between grassroots and professional academy football. One of the ways we work towards that is by offering College and Sixth Form Football Academies. This offers players a chance to experience training like a full time pro, with weekly fixtures and showcase matches against Pro Academies whilst completing their A Levels, BTECs or IB.

APD Football Academy success story: Meet Eddie Allsopp

Eddie Allsopp attended one of our APD Sixth Forms, North Kent College, in 2016. He studied NCFE Sport Level 3 for two years whilst playing for the Football Academy team in the KSFA League on a Wednesday. During one of the APD Showcase matches against Charlton, Eddie was spotted by scouts and was signed by Charlton in October 2018. Eddie is one of our many players on the APD Hall of Fame… Could the next one be you?

What will the APD, Victory and Holcombe Football Academy look like?

Monday: Football Training 9:00am-11:00am (Period 1 and 2). Holcombe and Victory students training at Holcombe 3G.

Tuesday: Football Training 2:05pm-4:05pm (Period 5 and 6). Holcombe and Victory students training at Victory 3G.

Wednesday: Pre match analysis session. Match day 12pm leave for away matches 12:45pm leave home matches for a 2pm KO (Period 5 and 6). Holcombe and Victory will play for two separate games.

Thursday: Recovery day in the gym at respective schools.

Friday: Football Training after School 3:05pm-4:35pm.

Why this Football Academy? 

  • Rather than a Football Academy run by a specific club, APD has the ability to help players be seen by a range of clubs that suit and benefit the players’ needs and interests rather than the club.
  • The combination of Holcombe Grammar and the Victory gives you a wide range of educational opportunities, both being complimented by full time football training.
  • You’ll be coached by highly experienced UEFA B License coaches who work for both APD and Academy clubs. Don’t just take our word for it, come to Year 10/11 training starting in January to see how good they are.
  • You will benefit from individual and team match analysis as well as recording of every game being sent to you via team group chat.
  • APD Tour 2019 and Showcase matches. The highest performing players will join the annual tour in October half term to play against a range of different professional clubs.

What happens next?

  • Attend Year 10/11 training, which will start in January.
  • Ensure you are enrolled in either Holcombe or Victory for September 2020.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Email us on