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Development Fund

Providing a remarkable education is only achievable by the financial commitment of the Trust, stakeholders, local council, PTA and alumni.

In addition, we receive kind donations from parents and carers through the school’s Development Fund that is used specifically to improve amenities within the school, supporting existing and future development projects that enhance the learning environment.

Upcoming Development Work

Holcombe Grammar school will soon be benefitting from new dance and drama studios and modern classrooms for Mathematics that will further enhance the education provided. Dance and drama will develop co-ordination, fitness and self-confidence, aiding the wellbeing of students.  In addition, we are planning to relocate and improve the library, and incorporate Student Services as a provision at the school.


If you would like give a voluntary donation monthly to the Development Fund by Direct Debit, then please select from one of the payment options below.

£ 5.00 per month

£ 4.00 per month

£ 3.00 per month