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MFL Competition – Languages Immersion Challenge

MFL Competition – Languages Immersion Challenge

During the summer, Mrs Ortega challenged MFL students to take part in the Summer Holiday Language Immersion Challenge which was designed to keep students practicing their target language during the long summer break.

Students completed a booklet containing 14 activities, ranging from sending an email, watching a film or reading a teenagers’ blog in their target language.

Participants have been awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates depending on how many of the challenges they completed. Additionally, there was an optional 5 advanced challenges that students could complete. A Platinum certificate was awarded to students who completed all of these as well as the first 14 challenges.

All participants have been a credit to the MFL department and Holcombe Grammar as a whole. Below are our winners who were all awarded certificates and Amazon Vouchers:

1st Prize – Michael Akinje (Y9) – Platinum Certificate

2nd Prize – Chimdi Mgbemena (Y8) – Gold+ Certificate

3rd Prize – Andrew Agor (Y9) – Gold Certificate

4th Prize – Dylan Patel (Y8) – Gold Certificate

5th Prize – Jaden Edusei (Y10) – Gold Certificate

6th Prize – Jaeden de Jesus (Y8) – Silver Certificate


Well done all!