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Black History Month: MACA

Black History Month: MACA

This Black History Month the Medway African and Caribbean Association(MACA) recognises the achievements of young people.

Over the last 15 years the Medway African Caribbean Association has recognised the achievements of Kent and Medway’s young black generation with an awards ceremony. Young people are nominated in 5 categories:

  1. Achieving a positive outcome:

Nominations are welcome for young people who have made significant achievements or achieved a positive outcome by overcoming particular difficulties in their life in order to achieve positivity in their life.

  1. Citizenship:

Nominations are encouraged for children or young people who have taken pro-active or positive steps in their school or community to promote positive citizenship. This may include: a. Taking an active part in school             or youth councils b. Volunteering in community activities c. Helping friends / neighbours or others in need.

3.  Education

To be awarded to a child or young person who is achieving in education. This can include: * A child or young person with special educational needs who is motivated and committed regardless of their difficulties * A                child or young person who is academically gifted or talented

  1. Sports

To recognise children and young people with a gift of sport. To include: a. Those gifted and talented in a sport b. To recognise those that have overcome difficulties to achieve in a sport c. To recognise children and                   young people that promote sport in a positive way.

  1. The Arts

Nominations will be encouraged for children and young people who have achieved in any variety of art. This can include music, poetry, literature, dance, art, drama or creativity in any form. a. This can include those                  that have overcome adversity to achieve b. Those gifted and talented in these area.

This year Holcombe Grammar is pleased to announce that 5 of our year 9 boys have won MACA awards. They are:

Akinkumi Akinde

Sanusi Mubarak

Oluwadiremayomi Odugbasan

Aaron Okoye Gichuku

Oluwatobi Abraham

Congratulations for being Holcombe Heroes!