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March Month of Reading

March Month of Reading

For Holcombe, the end of February simply ushers in the March Month of Reading.

During the month of March, the whole school puts even more focus on reading for pleasure and honing the skills that unlock the world for us all.

This year we are encouraging students to use the books, characters and settings that they love to stimulate their own creative works. It is likely that for some years after the pandemic that there will be a creative cultural and artistic explosion. We hope that many of the youngsters of Holcombe will become the influential writers, poets, artists, film-makers, etc. of the future. In fact, it has already started. We have been proud to send home book prizes for students who have recently risen to the challenge and won some of our writing competitions.

This Thursday is World Book Day and we will be asking students to get more creative than ever. But don’t expect the Holcombe love of reading to come and go on that day – or even just March. We know that reading for pleasure creates a host of benefits that set our students up with the very best skills in life.