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Geography Update

Have a look below to see what our students have been up to in their Geography lessons recently.

Year 7 have been exploring the topic of Asia and China – with some fantastic effort from Miles and Alexandre, who have upheld the high standards and provided excellent and insightful work.

Year 8 meanwhile have been looking at the continent of Africa, with exemplary efforts from Andrew and Rion.

Year 9 studies have been focusing on our restless earth and better understanding earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis – brilliant work from Jamie and Zachary.

Year 10 have been continuing their GCSE studies looking at Rivers this term, with Reagan producing some good revision notes.

Year 12 have been applying their conceptual learning of regeneration to research case studies of successful and unsuccessful places.

Finally, despite the hurdles thrown at our Year 11 and Year 13 cohorts, our students have met the challenge and continue to work hard. Those who have completed prelims and submitted revision work continue to demonstrate the hardworking ethos of Holcombe.