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Lockdown Poetry Competition Winners

Lockdown Poetry Competition Winners

Congratulations to all those who entered our Year 7 Lockdown Poetry Competition this term!

The standard was extremely high, and it is clear that we have some budding young poets among us. A special congratulations to our winners Dylan, Ewan and Daniel. All of the poems submitted are a testament to the creativity and talent we have here at Holcombe, and honourable mentions go to the following students, who also submitted some excellent poems: Yuvi, Matthew, Joshua, Jaden, Oliver, Zak and Temilolu. Year 7 should feel very proud!

First Place – Dylan

The clouds may pass,

The rain may fall,

But really,

That means nothing at all.


The sun still shines,

The swans still glide,

Nature hasn’t changed,

And nor will I.


The water still flows,

The birds still sing,

And we will still be waiting,

For what lockdown will bring,


But instead of waiting,

Make the most of the time,

Don’t sit around,

You can’t stay and whine,


For you should remember,

All the things you can do,

During lockdown,

But which is for you?

Second Place – Ewan

The Invisible Enemy

The Invisible Enemy

Covid-19, found in 2019’s December,

Came from China,

A virus, that we will all remember.

They blamed it on bats,

And things that can fly,

But who knows? That could all be a lie,

It’s in the air, it’s on our hands,

Keep two metres from where it lands.

National lockdown starts, we are stuck at home,

Nowhere to go, nowhere to roam.

Toilet rolls were running low,

Every morning PE with Joe.

Boris trying to keep us calm,

Using his humour and charm,

Then he was taken ill,

The virus was going for the kill.

The big old orange in the USA,

Said he would make China pay,

When he caught the virus himself,

People thought he was faking poor health.

Death tolls rising, we are under stress,

But thank god for the NHS.

Remember your masks and hand sanitiser,

With the hope of a vaccine, made by Pfizer.

And now as we say farewell to Sir Captain Tom,

We wonder, how long will the invisible enemy live on?

Third Place – Daniel

 A Lockdown Poem

Home- thoughts from home

We’ve been in lock down quite a while,

It’s getting hard to raise a smile,

I sometimes force a rictus grin,

But everything is wearing thin,

Except myself; I’ve put on weight,

No exercise builds appetite,

The government tell us to stay put

But everyone is hoofin’ it,

They crowd the beaches pack the parks,

And queue for hours, outside, at Marks.

Will Boris even find a way

To lead us back to yesterday?

Honourable Mentions


There once was a bug that couldn’t be seen

And the name of the bug was covid-19

The bug it spread from town to town

And that made everyone down

But soon may the doctors come

To stick a vaccine in your arm

And one day when the jabbin’ is done

That bug will leave and go

Well, the bug it mucked up everyone’s lives

And we’re all going mad cos we’re stuck inside

We’ve gone so mad that we feel no shock

Soon the nurses come

To stick a vaccine in your arm

And one day when the jabbin’ is done

That bug will leave and go

So.go get your vaccine done

So we can stop feeling glum

One day when the jabbin’ is done

We’ll all be Weller men


Indoor karaoke nights,

To sibling’s constant fights,

People eating and eating,

To parents doing all the teaching,

Scrolling through social media,

Yelling at Boris becomes second nature,

This lockdown really hit the whole nation


When sick and tired of family,

You begin to loathe this tragedy,

Concerts shut, gyms shut,

Just close your eyes and keep them shut,

and yelling at Boris becomes second nature

This lockdown really hit the whole nation



Quarantine is a sad and desolate place

Where you feel you’re lost in deep space

Wondering when you get to pack your suitcase

And travel to another place


Wanting to socialize with family and friends

With them the world never ends

All together the good time blends

Oh, how you had fun with them on the weekends


Not all of quarantine is so sad

You get to spend more time with Mum and Dad

You still have to do work though, that gets me mad

But other than that quarantine isn’t so bad


If I had the choice to be in quarantine or not

Without family and friends, to be I could not

To choose isolation, my life would be distraught

Because socializing with others is the ultimate jackpot!