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STEM Competition

STEM Competition

12 Holcombe students were invited to take part in the Rotary Club’s Regional Technology Tournament 2020, held at the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham.

The Year 8, 10, and 12 students competed against other local schools in the foundation, intermediate and advanced tasks set by the organisers.

Students were tasked with the challenge of creating a tower structure holding a billboard advertisement and a flashing beacon. They needed to construct the circuit and to devise a method to allow the beacon to flash a set number of times, and for the advanced team to flash an exact number of times in 10 seconds. The Tournament gave our students the opportunity to design and build collaboratively and involving crafting with card, small-section timber and basic machines (wheels, pulleys, etc.)

Students enjoyed the day taking on a new challenge, amongst the displays the Royal Engineers Museum had to offer, and we are proud to announce our students in the foundation and intermediate teams blew away the competition, achieving first place. Congratulations to all and many thanks to Mr Campbell for leading this STEM event.