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Year 11 Parent Consultation Evening

Year 11 Parent Consultation Evening will be held Thursday 21st November.

Japan Trip

Japan Trip

Students from Holcombe Grammar School and Rochester Grammar School arrived safely in Japan on Saturday 19th October.

The group spent Sunday at the Samukawa Shinto Shrine. On Monday they headed to Yokosuka, where they visited the Will Adams memorial, where a presentation was conducted at the shrine followed by a trip to the harbour to see the Mikasa Memorial Ship.  The day ended with a trip to Kamakura for some shopping and a visit to the shinto shrine in the centre of the city, the Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū.

Tuesday was all about being caught in the rain of a tropical storm whilst exploring Enoshima and the Sea Candle Lighthouse.  The group experienced a tram journey to the Kamakura Buddhist Shrine and the Kamakura Hasedera temple, then back to Hiratsuka for dinner.

Wednesday saw our students visit the popular tourist attraction the Tokyo Tower, a tower inspired by the Eiffel Tower and the second tallest structure in Japan, standing at 333 metres. Our students enjoyed warm weather all day – 24 degrees – and bright sunshine. They headed back to Kobe via the bullet train. The highlight of the day for Mrs Obee was visiting a shiba inu cafe.

The group were busy on Thursday. It was an early start as they headed to Himeji Castle in the morning, before some light shopping, then back to Kobe to ride the cable car to the top for some wet and cloudy views. Finally, Friday was spent experiencing school life in Japan at the Hyōgo Prefectural Kobe High School, and were treated to views over the city and towards Osaka. The group sighted Mount Fuji on their travel to Odawara, which had previously been hidden by clouds and rain.

Students arrived safely back in London. We hope they enjoyed this unforgettable trip.