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Holcombe Grammar School Celebrates GCSE Success

Holcombe Grammar School Celebrates GCSE Success

Holcombe Grammar School is delighted with another successful year of GCSE results.

Provisional analysis shows higher progress scores for all students, with disadvantaged students achieving an average of half a GCSE grade better than expected when they started at the school aged 11.

Some 80% of all grades were Grade 5 or higher.

Among the star performers were:

  • Luke Yaxley, who achieved straight Grade 9s, nine in total
  • Mitchell Ashby-Laws, who achieved seven Grade 9s
  • Dominic Frost, with six Grade 9s
  • Samuel Gosling, with five Grade 9s
  • Anton Hodgetts, with five Grade 9s
  • Galin Dzhumakov, with four Grade 9s

Some students had GCSE results that exceeded all prior educational expectations. Nine students achieved more than two GCSE grades better than expected in every subject, while 15 students achieved more than one GCSE grade better than expected in every subject.

We spoke to some of the Holcombe students on the day who were incredibly happy with their results. Michael Ashby-Laws put his success down to “the amazing teachers at the school, I only joined last May and I have received so much help“. Following this Luke Yaxley also shared “I am relieved my hard work paid off, I feel very good”.

Kristupas Pocevicius achieved an impressive average of more than three GCSE grades higher per subject than expected.

Stuart Gardner, Chief Executive Officer of Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said:

“Students, staff, and parents at HGS should be so proud of what they’ve all achieved together. These results show how much hard work and a strong support network can pay off and we can’t wait to see what the students do next.”

Thinking Schools Academy Trust (TSAT) Education Director Mandy Gage said:

“These results are well deserved and a testament to the hard work of our GCSE students and their teachers. I am particularly proud of the excellent results of the school’s disadvantaged students who have now removed all barriers to their future life chances.”