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Year 12 exam Timetable

  Monday 8th January Tuesday 9th January Wednesday 10th January Thursday 11th January
9:00 -12:00 Band A – Paper 1 Band B – Paper 1 Band C – Paper 1 Band D – Paper 1
Chemistry (1hr) Physical Biology (2hr) Chemistry (1hr) Physical Biology (2hr)
Geography (1hr) Tectonics D.T (1hr 30min) Product Design Computer Science (1hr) Business Studies (1hr)
History (2hr 15min) Britain Economics (1hr 30min) Paper 1 Economics (1hr 30min) Paper2 Maths (1hr) swiss Students
Maths (1hr) Pure Mathematics Further Maths (2hr) Pure Mathematics English Language (2hr) Paris/Lovely Bones Media Studies (1hr 30min)
P.E (1hr) Physiology Politics (1hr 30min) Mr Hayes Maths (1hr) Pure Mathematics Physics (1hr 30min) paper1
Psychology (2hr) Sociology (2hr)
R.S (1hr 20min) Philosophy English Literature (2hr) Othello/Atonement
13:00 – 16:00 Band A – Paper 2 Band B – Paper 2 Band C – Paper 2 Band D – Paper 2
Chemistry (1hr) Organic Economics (1hr 30min) Paper 2 Chemistry (1hr) Organic Maths (1hr) swiss Students
Geography (1 hr) Globalisation Further Maths (1hr) Statistics and Mechanics Economics (1hr 30min) Paper2 Physics (1hr) paper2
History (1hr 30min) Russia Politics (1hr 30min) Mrs Manning Maths (1hr) Statistics and Mechanics
Maths (1hr) Statistics and Mechanics R.S (1hr 20min) Ethics
P.E (1hr)