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Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

Uniform letter 22 June 2017

Dear Parent or Carer


When the weather is warm it can be tempting for students to dress less formally than usual, so I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you of the uniform code for the Sixth Form in a pro-active attempt to resolve any possible issues before they arise and to prevent any unnecessary future purchases of clothing that will be deemed inappropriate for school.


Sixth Form dress code for boys:

  • Formal style 2 or 3 piece tailored suit in dark grey, black or navy
  • Formal, tailored shirt in plain fabric, (casual checked shirts / lumberjack shirts are not acceptable).
  • Shirt tucked into trousers, all shirt buttons fastened and the school tie worn to a conventional length
  • V-Necked jumper in black or dark grey (optional and in addition to a suit jacket, not in place of a suit jacket)
  • Plain socks in a dark colour
  • Polished black or brown formal shoes
  • Coat – single colour, long enough to cover a blazer / suit jacket, not denim or leather, with minimal logos / insignia / badges
  • Hair of a natural colour – any facial hair neatly trimmed
  • Jewellery: a watch
  • Earrings and other visible piercings are not permitted


Sixth Form dress code for girls:

  • Tailored style suit with formal, tailored skirt or trousers in plain fabric, in dark grey, black or navy (skin-tight clothing of any kind is not acceptable)
  • Skirt should be of suitable length (not more than 5 cm above the knee when walking), formal/tailored, with waistband. If the skirt ‘rides up when walking, please ensure you buy a long enough skirt to account for this so that it still complies with the 5 cm expectation.
  • Plain coloured blouse/shirt in woven fabric with sleeves covering the shoulders (not a T- shirt or vest-top of any description) and long enough not to leave a gap above the waistband.
  • Neckline may be in any style but should not be below collarbone
  • Black, dark grey or blue V-necked jumper (optional)
  • Coat – single colour, long enough to cover blazer/jacket, not denim or leather, no logos/insignia/badges
  • Dark or natural colour tights
  • Polished black or brown shoes or formal style boots, heels no higher than 2”
  • Hair of a natural colour.
  • NAILS – if nail polish is to be worn, ensure it is a neutral colour
  • Jewellery: 1 pair of studs or small (3 cm diameter maximum)hoops (must be removed for PE),  watch, metal bracelet



The following images are a guide to what is deemed acceptable and not acceptable to avoid any confusion


Acceptable dress:

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Unacceptable dress:

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Please also note that from September 1st 2017, all male sixth Form students will be required to wear a school tie. Students will no longer be permitted to wear their own ties. New ties are now available for purchase at a price of £4 up until 31st August, after this date ties will be priced at £5.95.


There is a facility to purchase these ties via ParentPay, which is the preferred payment method: on receipt your son will receive his tie via the main school office. Alternatively you are able to purchase ties from the main school office between school hours.


If it is more convenient for you to purchase ties directly from Simmonds, they will be in school on the evening of Thursday 29th June from 3:30pm to 7pm, where all the new school uniform will be available to purchase. Simmonds can be contacted on 01892 837202 or


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely

Mr Anderson (Head of Sixth Form)