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National Writing Day

National Writing Day

The best thing about writing?… It’s Free!

The sentiment of National Writing Day is absolutely clear: Write whatever you want in response to stimulus images, write what you want using imaginative sentence prompts… or, just write whatever you want about anything.

Holcombe students and staff embraced the day by expressing themselves freely by indulging in unguided writing. Year 8 and 9 all wrote at exactly the same time during the day – regardless of the lesson. Writing, after all belongs in all lessons.

The English and Media Centre’s initiative ‘Let Them Loose’ encouraged free writing across all schools in the UK. The only rules were… there were no rules. Well, not exactly. The EMC provided two stimulus images on the day to inspire students’ writing. There were also some topics and sentence starters to support those struggling for initial ideas. But the final suggestion was to just write about anything in any form. Students of Holcombe tended to take the latter option and so began a flurry of short stories, poems, song lyrics, screenplays, letters and diary entries. The students were given only 30-45 minutes to complete their writing – many resolved to go home and write some more.

The job of the teachers was simply to step away and let the creativity flow and the enjoyment of writing take care of itself. In fact, many staff put pen to paper themselves. The luckiest got to select examples of interesting writing to photograph and send to the EMC. This in itself was hard work as some 80 pieces of writing were snapped.

Look out for images of students enjoying their day and a selection of their work on the English and Media Centre website and Facebook page.