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Holcombe Goes to the polls

Holcombe Goes to the polls

One of the most extraordinary elections in living memory created a real stir and at last encouraged young people to turn out en masse and have their say – and that was just at Holcombe.

The 2017 Holcombe Mock Election was organised by Year 12 Politics students and absorbed a school keen to exercise their democratic right. The 83% turnout was particularly impressive during exam season (even then Year 11 students emerging from their Maths exam were moved to stop by on their way out and cast their vote).

Any Holcombe voter has been well informed in the build up to the poll. Politics students held assemblies where Year 12 students acted as representatives for given parties. The real manifestos of each party were broken down and made clear and accessible to the whole school. It marked a week of real political engagement as the same students arranged and invite – and grilling – for one of the candidates for Chatham and Aylesford running for the national election itself.

The School Captains’ team led by Josh Cunningham-Marsh and Year 12 prefects oversaw the ballot until polls closed at 1pm. Then the count began in earnest as Holcombe released accurate results long before Sunderland counted their first ballot paper.

Well done to all the students involved in organising and running a smooth operation on a busy day.

The results of the Holcombe 2017 Mock Election are as follows:


Labour: 242 – 42%

Conservatives – 126 – 22%

UKIP – 102 – 18%

Green Party – 70 – 12%

Liberal Democrats – 30 – 5 %

Spoilt – 6 – 1%