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German at Holcombe

German at Holcombe



German at HolcombeDear Parent or Carer

German at Holcombe

I write to you with some sad news regarding German.

In recent years, German has failed to attract large number of students to its GCSE and A-Level courses. Unfortunately, unless teaching groups are full we are not able to finance the cost of running the course, so we have had to make the difficult decision to phase German out of the curriculum.

Students who have already embarked on GCSE or A-Level German will be able to complete the qualification, however, the subject will not be available as a GCSE option to students in Year 7 or 8 and it will not be offered as an A-Level subject to current Year 11 students.

In order to try to increase the numbers of students choosing to study GCSE French and Spanish, all students will now continue both of these languages until the end of Year 8 at least.

I recognise that the loss of German will be disappointing to a number of our students who would have liked to study it through to GCSE level and I am sorry that this will not now be possible. Please be assured there are no plans to further reduce our GCSE curriculum offer at this time.

Yours sincerely

Juliet Diaz