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Re-arranged Year 7 Teacher-Parent consultation Evening Thursday March 2nd

Re-arranged Year 7 Teacher-Parent consultation Evening Thursday March 2nd

Re-arranged Yr7 Parents Evening

Year 7 Parent’s Evening

Dear Parent or Carer,
Year 7 Parent’s Evening
We have identified a new date for our postponed Year 7 Teacher-Parent consultation, namely, Thursday March 2nd.
As your son will have settled into his new teaching group by then it is appropriate that you see his new teachers rather than those who taught him during terms 1 and 2. We will therefore need to rearrange appointments by returning the attached form please.
In an ideal world you would be able to meet with all of your son’s teachers, however, as some of them will teach several Year 7 classes this is not always possible. We therefore ask that you prioritise any subjects where your son may be experiencing particular difficulties or where you have concerns. Teachers will also be happy to provide you with information by telephone or email if an appointment cannot be fitted in on the night, so please do not hesitate to ask if you would like any of your son’s teachers to do that.
The evening starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm and we try our best to keep appointments as close together as possible to avoid lengthy waits between them. We also try not to let meetings over-run and much appreciate your help in achieving this as well.
We allocate five minutes per consultation and try to allow at least five minutes between them to provide time for you to move to the location of the next teacher. This means that if, for example, you wish to meet with ten teachers, and your evening will last for over one and a half hours. Please do bear this in mind when requesting appointments.
Yours sincerely
Juliet Diaz