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Letter to Parents/Carers

Letter to Parents/Carers

Dear Parent or Carer,

There are a number of issues I wish to bring to your attention at this time.

After School Supervision

We love our students to stay after school to get some additional support from teachers, involve themselves in sport and other activities, or just to get some of their homework done. We are really happy to have their company but it is essential that all students in school after 3:05pm are registered in a session so we know who is in the building should there be an emergency situation.

There are four possibilities for students staying after the end of the school day:

  1. Attendance at a support session, club or training
    Students will be registered by the teacher running the session. Support sessions, training and clubs normally finish between 4:30pm and 5:30pm and students should leave the school site at that time.
  2. Doing homework or private study in B12
    Students will be registered by the supervising member of staff. Supervision ends at 4:30pm, after which students should leave the school site.
  3. Attendance at Homework 6
    Students are registered and supervised until the end of the session, after which they should leave the school site
  4. Detention
    Students will be registered and supervised until the end of the detention, after which they should leave the school site.

It is essential that we know who is on the premises at all times. Therefore, it is not possible for students to remain at school without supervision or after the end of the activities outlined above for reasons of health and safety.

Before School Supervision

Students are welcome on the school site from 8am when the ‘breakfast club’ opens and students can be supervised in that area. Although teachers start to arrive from well before 8 o’clock they are not responsible for supervision before the start of the school day so please avoid sending your child into school before the breakfast club starts.

That snowy Friday!

Thank you to the great majority of parents who managed to get their child to school on Friday 13th January despite the snow, ice and resultant problems on the roads. I was very grateful to the site team and some of my local staff for being in school at 6am to clear pathways and ensure the site was usable and safe. Unfortunately, quite a number of parents who live locally declined to send their child to school and that is a pity given the efforts of all the staff (some of whom travel a very long distance to get to work) to make sure the school was warm and safe. Next time it snows, please be assured we will only open the school if we deem it safe to do so. Further, should we experience heavy snowfall during a school day, we will always be in touch with local transport, and should it become apparent that journeys home are likely to be affected, we will start to dismiss students early to ensure they can reach home safely.


Our dress code is clear in that students are not permitted to wear hoodies to school. Any student wearing a hoodie will be asked to take it off. Persistent offenders will be required to hand in hoodies at the start of the day and collect them at the end.

Requests for absence for the purpose of a holiday

I fully understand why parents are attracted to booking holidays out of the school holiday periods because of the lower prices; however I am not able to authorise them. Absences can only be authorised for reasons of illness/medical, religious observance, marriage/funeral of immediate relatives and some other ‘exceptional’ situations. We publish our holiday dates well in advance and I urge you to please book your family holidays within them.

Parental Surveys

Finally, I sent out links to surveys for parents in Years 7 – 11 last week. Thank you to the many parents who have completed them; if you have not yet had a chance there is still time as I will leave them open until Friday, February 3rd. In case you can’t find the letter with the link here they are. (The surveys are all the same but by separating them into year groups I can identify any issues which affect particular years.)

Thank you for your continuing support of Holcombe.

Yours sincerely

Juliet Diaz

Download a copy of this letter: Letter to parents 30th January 2017