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Co-Ed Statement

Co-Ed Statement

Holcombe Grammar School consultation regarding possible co-ed admissions from September 2018

The Holcombe Grammar School consultation regarding a change to admission arrangements ended in early January 2017.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond or put forward views regarding the proposal. We were very pleased with the large response that we achieved, especially from parents at New Horizons where we also conducted a focus group interview of parents.

The findings of the consultation were as follows:

  1. We are pleased to report that Medway Council, which did oppose the application we made last year, has said it now has no objection with the proposal.
  2. Overall, the consultation received almost 450 responses, of which 95% were in favour. A summary of the responses is attached. Around 170 replies were from New Horizons parents.
  3. The focus group conducted by independent market research agency (Vision One) was held with parents at New Horizons just before Christmas. As a primary school that will be an important feeder school for HGS, we felt it was especially important for us to get these views. The focus group report concluded that “there is considerable appetite for another co-educational selective school option in the Medway area, and Holcombe Grammar School seems ideally placed, both geographically, and in the hearts and minds of the local population, to fill this need.”

We want to take on board the feedback from both the consultation and the focus group, which has demonstrated overwhelming support from your fellow parents at New Horizons, especially that they would very much like wider choice of selective provision in Medway.

As a result, and to accommodate this, we have decided to apply for the change to co-ed to come in from September 2019, rather than September 2018, as this will coincide with the first cohort of New Horizons students transferring to secondary school. We are very excited about the prospect of HGS becoming co-educational.

Download a copy of this statement: CoEd Statement