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Extreme weather Procedure

Extreme weather Procedure

Letter to parents 8th November – Copy

Letter to Parents 11th January 2017 – Copy

We have reached the time in the year when extreme weather may on very rare occasions cause the closure or partial closure of the school. The school understands that closure can cause great inconvenience to students, parents and carers and whilst we always err on the side of safety we do not close the school unless absolutely essential. If the weather is such that there is a possibility of school closures please take the following steps:

1 Listen to Hart Radio – if the school is closed Hart Radio will issue regular bulletins throughout the morning listing schools that are closed or partially closed.

2 Check the school website – as soon as a decision is made to close the school our website is updated to that effect.

Please do not phone the school to ask if we are open – this simply jams the school switchboard.

Where the school is shut for the whole day work is posted for students on Show My Homework and they are expected to complete this work at home and bring it with them when the school reopens.

In the event of inclement weather during the school day we may have to close the school if the site becomes dangerous or if transport links are affected. Should this be the case we will inform parents via parent pay or by text message.

Students under the age of 18 will only be sent home before 3.05 if we have permission from their parent or guardian to that effect. In order to make the process of early closure as efficient as possible would you please complete and return the attached form giving permission for your son or daughter to go home early in the event of early closure. We are writing separately to parents of students who do not live within Medway or close proximity.

Please find the offical letter below: